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Joo Hyun Oh (Research Fellow, Barun ICT Research Center, Yonsei University)


The objective of this study is to explore the way to improve baby boom generation’s ICT skills in their daily life. This study explores the effect of leisure activities on ICT skills. The analysis used 2016 Korea Media Panel data. Results show that the more leisure activities baby-boomers participate, the higher ICT skills they could get. The result of 2SLS regression also supports the leisure activities’ effect on the improvement of ICT skills. More specifically, watching performing art such as movies, musicals, affects the improvement of the integrated ICT skills, and creative hobbies such as cooking, painting, affect the ability to use video contents and e-commerce; shopping affects the improvement of communication and information searching with a digital device. These findings suggest that leisure activities could improve ICT skills for baby boom generation who are familiar with face to face communication.

Keywords: Baby boom generation, Leisure activities, ICT skills, Digital divide, Korea Media Panel

Journal of Digital Convergence, 2018, 16(3) : 1-12


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