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Asia Privacy Bridge Forum aims to promote

cooperation and communication

about privacy issues among the Asian countries

Widespread use of smart devices (IoT), social media, cloud computing, big data analytics, and AI causes diverse cyberspace threats such as invasion of privacy, industrial spying, cyber crimes, and digital terrorism.


International cooperation is required to effectively deter privacy threats and crimes including illegal exchange of personal information and misuse of personal data across borders.


Global governance calls for policies regarding privacy protection as the demand for communication between forums and organizations world-wide increases.


Asia Privacy Bridge (APB) Forum was launched to promote inter-governmental and academic cooperation of Asian economies working towards the establishment of effective privacy protection policies.

Vision and Mission


  • APB Forum facilitates academia-industry-government collaboration for privacy improvement.

  • APB Forum contributes to a safer world that is free from privacy threats through building reciprocal relationships among the Asian economies.

  • APB Forum pursues a better world where do not have to worry about personal data protection.


To enhance human rights, happiness and safety:
  • We establish research collaboration and coordination

    to protect privacy and personal data among the Asian economies.

  • We promote people's understanding and fair use of personal data and information.

  • We support harmonious privacy enforcement and regulation compliance across borders in Asia.

APB focuses on three major areas.
  • Academia: Conducting research and education on privacy and personal data protection.

  • Civil Society: Forming social consensus on important privacy issues and implementing privacy practices.

  • Government: Developing policy and confronting privacy threats with Asian governments.

Action Plans

  1.  Achieving a balance between personal data use and privacy protection

To explore desirable methods for secured use of personal data by avoiding extreme approaches such  as information abuse or excessive regulation


   2. Promoting international benefits through collaboration in diverse relevant areas

To make progress in development of international strategies as to personal data protection via multilateral cooperation and agreement. 

   3. Building social networks among professionals from various economies

To organize a large community comprised scholars and practitioners who are specialized in privacy and data protection in Asia. 

APB Forum Activities

In order to promote flexible and substantial cooperation among Asian economies, the APB forum seeks to promote networks in both the public and private sectors. To this end, privacy specialists from various Asian economies share current issues and information regarding privacy protection from various perspectives including academic, civil, and governmental.​

Asian privacy experts shared their nations' challenging privacy issues and discussed specific cooperative measures for conducting international projects.

MAY 2016

Asian privacy professionals from industrial, academic and governmental sectors signed a "Joint Declaration" Promising to establish collaborative research and networks

November 2016

Joint Declaration

  1.  To Deepen the International Research Relationship

-We need to act responsibly and cooperatively as a part of a larger community to ensure balance between protection and fair use of personal data.

-We promote collaboration and cooperation in research agenda creation and policy development and enforcement regarding personal data protection among the various Asian economies. 


   2.  To Collaborate in Privacy Research Programs

-We participate in the joint research program to share and exchange relevant experiences, surveys, research, and professional manpower with respect to matters that can heighten the protection of personal data and the fair use of information.

-We endeavor to find solutions to help bridge the gaps among the different personal data protection systems in the Asian region.



   3.  To Strengthen Policy Cooperation with Regional Fora

-We will hold an annual "Asia Privacy Bridge Forum" to provide an opportunity to discuss and deliberate on regional and international laws, policies, and many other controversial issues regarding personal data/information protection.

-We will promote cooperation and communication with other regional fora with the goal of effectively implementing the ideas and opinions suggested in the forum.

APB Forum provides with great opportunities to meet with Asia's privacy professionals. Join us for valuable information and discussion on privacy and personal data protection in Asia.

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